Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Building Our Menu

Today is Valentine's Day and we just finished up a lovely meal.  I have spent the last couple days building a web site for the Arts & Crafts House and it's almost done, and now we can start building the menu.

My Executive Chef (aka my husband Mark) made me the most wonderful dish of gnocchi, chicken, portobello mushrooms, leeks, cream, sage, etc.  It was what I requested for our special dinner together, and it was definitely menu worthy for the Arts & Crafts House.

       Gnocchi with Chicken and Portobello Mushroom in Cream Sauce

I have also been busy getting the loft all set up for the sleeping accommodations and lounge space.  To save on money, I have been shopping re-use centres and buying solid wood furniture that needs love.  So, I have taken it upon myself to refinish furniture with Annie Sloan Chalk Paints that I bought from a store near Kingston called The Melon Patch.  It is such an amazing product.  

This is addictive and I just want to paint everything!  I will show you before and after photos once I'm finished.

Bye for now!



  1. Only wish u were closer to me in upstate NY. Oh does this place so delicious. Wow!! Can't wait to see the pictures of the furniture. ekciampo

    1. Almost done some pieces of furniture...I love this Chalk Paint!!

  2. This is absolutely wonderful. I can't believe I've been following your blog and didn't know you were so close! I hope to have the opportunity to stay at your Arts and Crafts House.